Fundamental values

  • Respect - for all the people, their ideas, opinions ad knlowledge
  • Discretion - in dealing with customers
  • Innovation - "is more than having new ideas, involves the process of presenting them, or making them happen in a new way." -John Adair (1934)
  • Collaboraztion - within Desa and with the client for mutual benefit
  • Excellency - not just technological but personal excellency, services and support. "Excellency is the gradual achievement of stirving to do better and better." -Pat Riley

About us

Desa works by paying close attention to the correct and fruitful management of programs, ensuring tming and budget shared with customers.
The remarkable experience gained on national and international programs has enabled it to do business by managing its resources and external suppliers.
Each activity involves a project manager who is indispensable to ensure delivery times throughout the program and the expected technical outcomes.
Individual project Managers are coordinated by a Program Manager who guarantees the quality of deliveries, cooperation, trust and flexibility to customers. These elements are key to success of the programs.
Desa is able to support the customer even in the definition and development of innovative programs, in order to accompany customers in an expansion phase of engineering expertise.